Web forms - auto grow input



hi all
we’re trying to enhance our webforms based on customer needs and based on user feedback from usability test.
For some specific scenarios (ex bank employees) users are entering a lot of content in web-form controls such text-field.
During the input phase is not a big issue because the mosto common user case is the copy/paste interaction, basically they don’t type any content in it!
During the double check phase is very important for users to read what inside the control.
We come up with this first solution draft:

do you have faced the same usability challenge?
what do you think about this not standard behaviour?

FYI the solution will be developed using a JS library

thanks in advance for your feedback


I like the expandable field idea!

I’m curious as to what will happen if someone pastes text that already exceeds the max length. Will it be truncated? Will they get a clear error warning?



It depends on customer settings.
Our framework allows to:

  1. block the user inputting over quota content>alert message about the limit
  2. allow users to type over quota content>the counter changes color and there’s a minus indicating extra content

Right now we’re investigating how to implement the auto-grow feature without overloading the rendering performances