Web content writer needed



Hi Everyone! I am looking for a web content writer preferable with knowledge about ux/ui specifics. If anyone knows or is a writer who can help with content, and revamping resume/professional profile etc, please let me know! Any advice is welcome! (maybe there is an online source for this?)

Thank you!

P.S. Admins, I am not sure if this is the right category to start this topic in. Please feel free to move/delete or suggest a category to move this post to.


This is perfect. :slight_smile:

@AshleaMcKay might be interested.


Hi there :slight_smile: I’m interested in hearing more about what you need but I’m not available until April due to existing engagements. What’s your timeframe like for this work?


Thank you!


Hi Ashlea, thank you for replying. April sounds good, I am not in any hurry, and in progress of finishing up my site.

Ideally I need a revamp/proofread of my LinkedIn prifile, resume and cover letter (a version of it) as well as a content for my site portfolio - intro and step by step text to accompany my UX process and design projects.

What is the best way to reach you? Email, or is there a private messages available here, LinkedIn profile?

Do you have any sample work, or portfolio with examples, and a price list, It would be great if I could take a look.

Let me know when is the best time to discuss this. (April?)

Thank you for your time,



It’s probably best if we chat about this work in April.
But in the meantime you can check out my LinkedIn profile which lists everything I’ve written including: articles, posts, reviews and an eBook. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn as well.

I tend to price on a job by job basis - every job is different.

The best way to reach me is via email: ashlea@ashleamckay.com

Talk soon,



Hi Everyone,

So, April has rolled around and unfortunately life has gotten in the way big time and I’m unable to take on writing work at the moment which means I won’t be able to help @Abyrvalg anymore.

I feel awful and I’m doing everything I can to make this right and get Aly the support she needs to develop a written professional presence that is as awesome as she is!

Do we have any UX writers in the community that can help?

@HAWK are you able to tweet a link to this thread via the UX Mastery Twitter account?

Thanks everyone!


Sure can.