We have an idea and need your feedback please


As you know, we’re currently running an heuristic analysis study across 3 websites to increase awareness of accessibility (to coincide with Global Accessibilty Awareness Day this week).

We’ve had some amazing insights so far, but we’d like to take it a step further.

We have Derek Featherstone joining us to offer some expert advice, but before we do that we thought it might be valuable to walk through an heuristic analysis of one of the sites together.

We could either do that in a dedicated Slack session for an hour, of step by step here on the forums.

Would you be interested in this, and if so, which format would you prefer?


Use the forums - it will be easier to follow and refer back to.


I’d advocate for Slack. I think it’s a great opportunity for everyone to get a bit of work with that technology.


How about this then.

We run the first part (walk through the analysis) on the forums and then conduct a Slack session with @feather? (Or the other way around, depending on what Derek would prefer.)


I’m happy with either :slight_smile:


Ok, Slack for the heuristic run through and here on the forums for Derek’s advice (better for longevity). I’ll announce the details in the main thread now.

Thanks for the input all. :slight_smile: