We Hate Airline Boarding. Let's Fix That


Thanks! I’m working on a plan to make the project more autonomous. Hopefully minimal support will be all I need :slight_smile:


I’m fighting my personal war against the airlines on every media channel!
I’m in :slight_smile:


Would love to get involved - :slight_smile:


@dopamino and @annabelle_andre, thank you! I’ve added your name to the list. I’ll have an announcement later today on project organization and communication. Keep your eyes tuned!

@DavidSkodt, any thoughts on the plan for participation I outlined?


Plan looks solid. I still have questions about the process, but I am thinking we’ll cover those as we go.
Sign me up. :slight_smile:


Sounds great - I will sign you up! Could you shoot me an e-mail to Doug@DenverUXer.com so that I have your contact information?

@annabelle_andre and @dopamino - if you could do the same, that would be very helpful.

In other news, I’ve purchased and begun work on the domain LetsFixBoarding.com to gather interested parties and serve as a central hub. Getting things set up there will be my weekend project :slight_smile: I’ve also setup the Twitter account @LetsFixBoarding to distribute some announcements as well.

I hope to have more information and a more coherent plan out at the beginning of next week. Stay tuned!


I would love to join! Anything I can do, I’ll glad to help :blush:!!


I would love to help out as well!! I’ve read the info you shared, will send an email as well for contact info :slight_smile:


@uxinpink and @dani_maria_ali, that’s awesome! I’m excited to have you both on-board. If you haven’t already, please send an email to Doug@DenverUXer.com and I will respond back with more information and next steps.


I would love to join. Seems like it would be fun.


Hi @sarah_soha333 - it’d be great to have you! If you haven’t already, please drop by http://letsfixboarding.com/join to sign up. That will make sure I have you on the roster and get you in the loop with all the getting started information.


Damn this was a year ago, thought it was a new post until i checked the date


I recently flew to Finland with my partner and 4 year old who is on the autism spectrum. I found the technical requirements really easy and didn’t really need boarding passes as everybody just scanned our passports anyway or we just handed the bundle over and used the electronic screens for up to date info.

As for the real-world experience, it was a lot harder than it should have been:

  • People in a hurry, cheating and using the family queue at security and getting frustrated because we were taking our time being deliberately relaxed about the process.
  • My daughter getting picked out for explosive checking and having a mini-meltdown because they wanted to scan her.
  • Having to stand in long queues meant having to carry her for long periods of time. She is tall and weighs nearly 40lbs.
  • Having to board with everybody else meant fighting my way through the crowd else waiting even longer with the equivalent of 18 bags of sugar in one arm.
  • Very limited seating at the boarding gate and no priority boarding even on to the bus.
  • confusion due to no-one explaining that we would have to go through immigration control between checking in and finding our gate.
  • Toilets not placed at regular intervals and close to key hurdles like aeroplane boarding and arrival gates or just before security.

I could further add with lots of niggles on the plane but those are out of scope.

So, please look at how disabled people, neurodiverse people and their families go through the process.

On a positive note, my daughter used to be scared of escalators but now loves them.


What happened with this project @dougcollins?


It… failed. I take ownership for that. I bit off more than I could chew, and I wasn’t prepared for the level of work or the response that it got.

I fail at things a lot. I’d say I probably fail at about 75% of the time I try something new. I learned a lot from this, but feel terribly about leaving everyone out in the cold.


I am sure the participants learned a lot as well!


It never really got off the ground (pun intended).


I see… The idea was great!


It was. I still think it’s a great one. I’m just not the right person to put together the effort, at least not at this point in my life. Trying to coordinate a large, international team didn’t work well while also working full-time, buying and selling a house, trying to spend time with my 1-year old and training for a half marathon.


Wow! That’s a lot of tasks to perform!