Wayshowing in Physical Environments: Colour Grouping Best Practice

Hello everyone,

I’m currently re-evaluating the wayfinding strategy for a physical exhibition. I’m keen on the use of colour to help people recognize different types of information.

I’d love to read people’s opinions on whether it’s best to base these colour groupings on the type of information or the content of that information.

Type of information:
Marking - This is where you are right now.
Directional - If you go this way, this is where you’ll end up.
Informative - Details in context. e.g This office opens at 9am.
Regulatory - Health & Safety etc.

Types of content:
Education - Seminar rooms, workshops etc.
Exhibits - Exhibitions stands/booths.
Transport - Buses, taxis, Uber.
Utilities - Registration, Coat & Bag check etc.

It seems to me that grouping by Type makes the most intuitive sense but grouping by Content would allow us to ‘preload’ colour recognition by following the colours through into the communication templates for pre-event communication.

Does anyone have any experience or insights into this area?




if someone is color blind the colors are meaningless, you want to use color and some pattern w it, look at how Trello does this for labels

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sketch_uzer We agree 100%