Want to avoid calling popups on click



Hi Guyz,
I want a better user experience rather then opening popups on click of “Assign Group”, “Switch Group” and the “Author” link.
I also want to avoid inline grid editing due to maintenance issues.
Can anyone suggest a better want of doing this?

Please have a look at the screenshot uploaded.

Thanks so much!


Hi Roland,

Would you please be able to give a little more background around this? What might be even easier to understand is if you gave us an example workflow of this whole process.

Helpful pieces of information would be:

  • What the workflow is (can just be sketchy), you can’t really design a screen without thinking of the bigger picture.
  • what you are trying to achieve, why a user is using this, what problem are you trying to solve for them?
  • what counts as inline grid editing?
  • are your users looking for a very quick, easy way to enter information
    etc etc

Some confusion I have, based around assumptions of just looking at the one wireframe:

  • I had expected you would search, then select the result and say assign group? Just due to the proximity of those two things and normal searching behaviour
  • Switch group looks like a tab, what is this supposed to do?
  • What is clicking on the assigned group name supposed to do?

Cheers :slight_smile: