Vote for the topic of Cory Lebson's free talk on UX careers

Last week I asked you to choose your favourite potential topics for Cory Lebson’s talk.

Now we need to narrow those down so that he can fit all your questions into an hour! The top 3 will win.

So get voting, you have one week.

  • How to effectively communicate our projects to employers
  • Transitioning between different UX specializations
  • What employers generally look for in candidates
  • The best way to recruit potential UXers
  • How to transition from a corporate UXer to a smaller consultancy role
  • Transitioning into UX without formal education in a relevant subject
  • How to decide which jobs to apply for that will be skill appropriate
  • How to demonstrate commitment to a new career when transitioning
  • How to find a UX design mentor

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