Volunteers needed for feedbacks on Student Project

Hello everyone,

I am part of a group of french students doing a rather important college exercise, we need external people feedback about out default interface UX and how said volunteer would feel to be needed to improve it.

We have a proper contact form, we would wish you to contact us directly from this form in order to include you in the feedback tester. Please include a contact email adress and a few words about your motivation in taking part of this short experience.

Our contact form can be found here: myvavf.wordpress*com/contact/ (replace the * for a .)

You do not need to know french to take part of this.

We will register your application and if we feel like you are serious, we will contact you directly to brief you in. This should take less than 15 minutes of your time per person.

Thank you in advance, see you soon.

VAVF team