Volunteer virtually


I found an opportunity for a virtual volunteer position as a UI/UX Designer. For someone who is looking to add experience in that field do you think it’s worth taking? Would that still be worth something to add to my resume? It’s virtual meaning I do the work at home and not in an office. Do you think it’s worth going for?


I am sure it worth, any experience opportunity is very helpful if you are a starter. You have do decide how to spend your time :slight_smile:


TAKE IT! We get so many questions here from people looking for ways to find great projects that they can use in their portfolio, so to have an opportunity like this fall in your lap is amazing. Good stuff.


I’ve been doing some “virtual volunteering” in UX for about 8 months now, working on the development of a new website for a non-profit in the Education sector. It’s been a great experience - not only do I get to put my new UX skills into practice, but I’ve also learnt a whole lot about web development more broadly from working with the rest of the team. For example, I’ve learnt lots of new terminology, got some experience in scrum and managing tasks using Trello, learnt about the complexities of managing and pushing code, and used different remote communication tools. I’ve just started work on my portfolio, and having this experience gives me some interesting projects to write about - just hoping it will translate into a job!


That sounds brilliant @Lynne – thanks for sharing your experience. I think you hit the nail on the head with the incidental skills – those sorts of things are so important to learn and people take them for granted while they focus on what they consider UX skills.


Where did you guys come across these virtual volunteering projects? Please do share :smiley:


I found my position on volunteermatch.org, but you could try any of the similar sites which list volunteer positions. Other volunteers I work with were recruited from Angelist, which is for startups (https://angel.co/). There are also non profit organisations which specifically do webdesign e.g. http://www.socialcoding4good.org/