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Can anyone recommend a good visual site mapping tool? It’s not for SEO but to do an audit on an existing website.

There are loads of options here - basically any program that lets you draw boxes and arrows, and import images. I’d use whichever tool you’re most comfortable with and can work with quickly. Possibilities include:

  • Axure (my tool of choice, but mainly because I know it really well and work with it every day)
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD
  • Omnigraffle
  • PowerPoint
  • Realtimeboard/Miro
  • Mind mapping programs (e.g. SimpleMind)
  • Visio
  • Smartdraw
  • Gliffy

A Google search for ‘site map tool’ throws up some interesting options, though I’ve not used them:

Fireshot ( is a very good Chrome plugin for grabbing PNGs of web pages.

I usually back up a visual site map with a more detailed spreadsheet of page names, URLs and content comments.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’m about to head to London for the weekend so will try those options out on Monday. Drawing something out is easy, I usually use Axure as you can then attach prototypes to it really easily, I just want something that’ll quick scan the site and spit out a structure. When I searched it all seemed to be about Google SEO

This might be worth a try:

Hi, I use for IAs. It’s a great free diagramming tool that has a usable export and works flawlessly with even the biggest schemas.

Other than that, I use for wireframing and prototyping, but it can easily be used for diagrams too. But, it has some size restrictions and is not made primarily for diagrams. It’s great for simple schemes though. Has a free tier.

Both tools are primarily web-based, but they also have a mac/pc app. This is great for sharing and collaboration. It works on any device that has a web browser.


Is there a better tool nowadays? I need this thee areas of functions:

  • Generate a visuell existing sitemap with a URL

  • Create (Create new sitemap or work with existing (generated) and export)

  • Analyze (Commenting, Card Sorting, Show/Hide, …)

I built a sitemapping plugin for Figma that can generate visual sitemaps from a URL. It also comes with a sitemap builder that lets you create new sitemaps from scratch.

It’s pretty convenient as the sitemaps get visualised as editable frames on the Figma canvas, so you can easily share it with your team, make changes, add comments etc

If this sounds like it would help you, check it out here:

Happy to answer any questions you may have :smiley:

Hi How are you!!