Violating browser behavior - Sources?


Hi guys,

have an issue on my table if it is ok to block executing primary button by clicking “Enter button” which seems to be standard browser behavior.

User is on a form page and the reason for this request is that the input in the field executes a calculation which is below the specific form field.
As it is the last field before save button it´s not possible to execute calculation when leaving the form field.
Possible solution may be calculation of the result after each entered number but this may result in performance decrease

Generally I´ve learned that manipulating standard browser behavior is critical and shouldn´t be done …
but actually I don´t find actual articles/reasons/research regaring this topic.

Additionally as a next question I was thinking where can I access standard browser behaviour descriptions of most common browsers.
As there are always updates it would be cool to keep updated in some way

Thanks in advance for thinking about this issue
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This is bigger than that - this would cause an accessibility issue. It’s called a keyboard trap. All functionality must be able to be performed using a keyboard- not all users can use a mouse.

Instead of looking for browser behaviour descriptions, take a look at web accessibility guidelines. You are correct in your thinking that it shouldn’t be done and WCAG 2.0 is your evidence.

This is where I would start:

This section is on keyboard operation:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



thx for feedback, you are completely right ( Accessibility is really big :-)) but I think I didn´t explain myself very good.

I am not talking about executing primary button when it is focused.
The question is about still having a form field focused where you need to enter information. Is it ok to block executing primary button (which is standard browser behaviour) by clicking enter there in the form field?
The action of executing the primary button could be still done blocking this functionality by jumping with tabulator to the primary button and then clicking enter

This is how it behaves normally:
Imagine you fill in data in a register form where you enter your email adress. When you click enter primary button is automatically executed (e.g. firefox on ebay or amazon)

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Here one reason why I learned not to manipulate browser behaviour:
You have to handle it in different browsers and you can´t assure that solution works in future versions/updates of the browser



Sorry about that! :o

I think I sort of understand what you mean. Here’s what I would do: I would ask the question; what value does deviating from normal add to the design? If it does not, then why do it? And if in doubt- test it with users :slight_smile: and if resources are tight go find a colleague who hasn’t been working on it and test it with them.



actually I think you added the absolutely right view on this issue :slight_smile:
We should check other opportunities before changing standard browser behavior. This is actually what I did …

Thank you very much for helping me out with your view.

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Wonderful- glad I was helpful! :slight_smile: