Validating usability of dashboards

Hi all,

In my current role we currently produce a large amount of enterprise data visualisations for internal use.

As part of the design process we create mockups and prototype to help us ideate and define potential solutions.

A weak part of the process is how we validate the design of the data visualisation. Typically we will share the prototype and only get a binary response of like it / don’t like it.

Would love to hear if anybody has any experience or knowledge of a robust data visualisation validation process that would ideally include more sophisticated information to help inform design changes.

I have performed usability testing previously for linear journeys in mobile apps, the challenge I see specifically with data visualisations is that the journey is non-linear and could be exponentially branching based on the how the user interprets the data.

Thanks for any help!

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hi @damion_isaac

in order to validate the readability and the accessibility of our dashboard (financial sector), my team and I always rely on the “narrative” approach.
We write down a story to facilitate the person invited to the qualitative test to link the scenario, the information she/he will see on the screen and the task we would like her/him to accomplish.

For instance, a day in the life of a relationship manager. John wakes up at 7am and while is drinking is first coffee he checks his to-do list by scanning the personal dashboard on his tablet…

We have noticed this approach facilitates a lot the stress reduction from the user side.
From one hand, users become more self-confident and they are more open to share good and bad feedback.
From the other hand, we can set check point more precise check points to validate our design/product options.

I hope it helps :wink:

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