UXPin - so many questions, here is one


Hi there, I am trying out UXPin since I am unsatisfied with my current workflow for creating wireframes for responsive websites.

One thing which I can not find, or wrap my head around, is why I cant seem to be able to define the position and scaling of elements or groups.
Say e.g. I want to have an image align to the right side of the browser, that seems not to be possible, or have a box scale to the width of the browser. Pretty basic html properties it seems to me, but UXPin isnt allowing this, is it?


Hi @Manuel_Dahm – I’m not a UXPin user but let me see if I can call in someone to help.


Thanks Miss Hawk, I got in touch with a support person from UXPin thanks to you, much appreciated! I will post the learnings back here.


I’ve had quite a few people recently tell me that UXPin is their preferred tool of choice. I’m going to make a conscious effort to play with it a bit more in 2016.


You’re very welcome.


So the support person is trying their best to understand my question but keeps pointing at the wrong direction, unfortunately.
On another note, I was having an intense day with UXPin today as I was working on a test project and I had to be done at 4pm sharp - and the craziest of bugs that I have come across happened just some hours before I had to be ready. As I was switching back and forth between breakpoints, groups that had been copied across [I]completely[/I] [I]messed up their scaling without me touching them[/I] and got distorted, it took me terribly long to fix and it happened again and again. This is of course something which should never happen in a professional work environment. This means for me that I will not continue to work with UXPin until the next version hopefully resolves these issues.

I enjoyed working with UXPin and can see its potential, but the above mentioned lack of feature (define scaling and alignment per element and group) and the mentioned bug, together with another thing I observed -things move around by some pixels here and there- make it a tool I cant use in a professional work environment.
Also the way that more complex animations need to be authored is simply not friendly.

Curious what the next version will bring, they keep saying its a big release.