UXer looking to learn visual design skills


I’m a UXer with interaction, IA and research skills. I want to learn to produce final, pixel perfect designs that focus on typography, imagery and colours.

what tools would you suggest? Im looking for something fairly easy to use. Ae they any online course you think might be worth taking?




Hey there,

I’m not sure I understand. It sounds (to my inexperienced ear) that you’re simply looking for something like Photoshop? Or are you looking for something that produces an interactive product?


I’m looking for something other than Photoshop. I don’t find this very intuitive. I can use Sketch for wireframes I might look into this


I don’t find Photoshop intuitive either! I was just trying to process your question.

Maybe this will help? The Workflow of a UX Designer


You need this: https://uxmastery.com/resources/tools/


Sounds like you want to learn graphic design.


Sketch can be used to create pixel-perfect designs. Same for JustInMind, AdobeXD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and really a host of other pieces. Check out @HAWK’s link for more.

As far as learning the skills to create great designs, you’ll need to look into more graphic design work. Check out this list of free online graphic design courses, which are great places to get started.


Thank you




Affinity is new yet very intuitive. MAC only however.
John C


I :blue_heart: illustrator for designing and that’s what I’ve used for web design (but only because I haven’t learned any UX design software yet :slight_smile: ) Once you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly easy, flexible and fast to work with, because it’s vector based/focused, which photoshop isn’t (I only really ever use photoshop for photos).

Adobe XD is now for free, so that will be my next software to learn. I see it as somewhere to start before moving on to something more suitable, ie Sketch.

I use 80% Lynda and 20% youtube when learning new software. Lynda is invaluable to me, their videos have helped me get up and running in new software in a matter of hours!