UXCheck: Heuristic Evaluation Tool


Hi all,

So a couple of days ago I was asked to do ‘some UX’ on an interface. I decided that a heuristic evaluation was a good start for ‘some UX’ and started with my task. Then I found this tool which I would like to share with all of you:
It’s a addon for your browser (at least for Chrome) which enables you to select HTML tags in the browser, it then highlights it in a screenshot and allows you to add notes and recommendations. I found this tool very useful and it allowed me to focus on the evaluation instead of on the bothersome task of making screenshots and stuff during the eval.

Hope this will help you guys in your career!


thanks for sharing, it looks interesting!

I downloaded and installed the Chrome extension, looks it doesn’t work.
Could you explain what’s the process to work with it?
The tutorial on the website is, let me say, “cryptic”…