UX vs Blockchain

Can you please explain - what is the role of UX in Blockchain.

Is this below mentioned useful for uxers:

I would love for some of these networks to redesign how to set up your wallets. One of the networks I was invited to felt like they were just throwing you into a git repository and you had to figure it out yourself. That’s the extent of my experience with blockchain. I’m sure there are other areas where a little UX would be helpful once you get past onboarding.

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Thank you so much for your response.

From what I’ve seen in emerging technologies (Blockchain, AI, AR, VR), users sometimes don’t understand the concept of what they do, so it creates distrust/skepticism and a poor mental model of how the product works.

So, from my experience, UX Designers in the blockchain field have to ensure users feel safe and secure when using the product, and understand how to efficiently incorporate blockchain technology within the business, product and context.

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Thank you for your response.