I find it strange that a lot of job postings and most of the internet now has decided to switch UX/UI to UI/UX. Don’t they know UX research and design always must be done first in order to inform the design of the UI? Also, I feel for UI/UX jobs they’re just looking for a UI designer and not actual UX designer. So why not just post it as UI designer?

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The cynic in me says that they don’t know what UX is.


On topic:


That’s a really good point. So, if you are applying for a UI/UX job, make sure your resume and cover letter use that exact phrasing. If they say UX/UI, then make sure you’ve got that exact phrase in there.

A lot of people use computers to scan resumes. If yours isn’t spot on, then it could be rejected before a human ever looks at it.

So are they looking for UI designers or UX designers? Why not just put one or the other? Why include both? I’m seeing Youtube videos doing this too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxIiPt4BeVo

Damn true

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I’d definitely be cautious on seeing something like that. I’d also be curious to ask that kind of company on how they define UX compared to UI and what way they work with UX & UI design today…

In addition to that, I’d probably also keep the famous “UX is not UI” poster in mind (in case you need any further examples to refer the company to ;)).