UX/UI Tools in big companies


Hi community! Lately I’ve been feeling the sensation and need to grow up and I was thinking to try to work for Google. Well the question is if someone knows which tools they use for UX/UI Design. I think they bought pixate in 2016 and surely they use Sketch as well. But if you can tell me some more clues I’ll thank you!

Also here is muy web www.mockup.es and write me a pm if you need more details.

Thanks a lot!


Have you considered contacting them to ask? We frequently get requests about our stack and technologies from people eager to work with us. I take note of them because of their proactive approach.


Yes I’m trying to find a direct contact to ask. That’s no so difficult. I just asked here because maybe someone have the information which could be helpful for everyone.

Thanks for your consideration as well! ^^ I’m all ears (I don’t know if this have sense in English haha)