UX/UI for Tech Startup in Singapore


Greetings everyone, i am from a young but dynamic technology firm in Singapore. Our focus is in Retail Technology that allows retailers to transform their businesses digitally. Think front-end systems that engages shoppers in new intelligent ways or IoT enabled shopping experiences that ease the shopping journey. Operational systems too and those that improve productivity for staffs via automation and intelligence derived from data insights.

We have been focusing on getting the technology pieces right and am gearing up for launch now.
Have been actively looking out for a passionate UX/UI member to join our team and chanced upon this wonderful site.

Hoping to explore opportunities with the many passionate folks here!
Do reach out and share, we’re a blank canvas and only know how to make things work.
We do that pretty well too and you might be the painter we need. :slight_smile:

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Hey Alex,
We love it that people are posting opportunities that might be a good match for someone in our community, but this is a little light on details. Can you tell us a bit more about the role? What skills are you looking for? Do you have a job description or salary outline that you can post?

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