UX/UI Across different industries - different?


I would imagine it’s fair to say the UX/UI process (and tools) would differ, perhaps greatly depending on your industry - is this correct?

For instance, software development UX/UI would be different than a manufacturing industry…?

Interested to hear perspectives on this…



That’s an excellent question indeed! The short answer is that yes, the process and tools can vary a lot depending your industry and what you have available.

For instance, I work in FinTech (financial technology), and due to concerns about exposing protected PII (personally identifiable information), we don’t collect as many analytics as some other sites do. This makes using a quantitative approach to examining user flows, task abandonment, etc. nearly impossible, so I focus much more on user user interviews and testing to refine our thinking and product.

Alternatively, I have a friend that works a UX role in the defense industry. His product is primarily used in the heat of battle - hardly the best time to try and do any sort of UX testing. He relies much more on analytics and focus groups than I do, simply because UX testing just isn’t practical.

You’ll find that UX tools and processes vary greatly from industry to industry, and even company to company within an industry. Sometimes our processes and tools are shaped by our industry, regulating bodies, competitive landscape, special development requirements or timeframes, and even the personal preference of higher-ups in the organization.


Thanks Doug - just wanted to validate my assumptions.