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I’m writing a blog post about the UX tools people can’t live without. Would anyone like to suggest anything?


Evernote rocks - just rocks - great for research and sharing ideas


I’m very hands on and the industrial designer in me loves making things and sticking things on walls, so the UX tools I can’t live without are:
A3 Paper
Coloured Sharpies (real ones!)
Post it notes (also real ones!)


Here is a fairly comprehensive list of the ones that the UXMastery team love.


Post-its can do anything!


Agree with Ash:

  • Post-it notes :slight_smile:
  • Copic markers
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • The massive post-it notes that you can get

But the top programs I’m using a lot at the moment:

  • evernote
  • illustrator
  • balsamiq
  • invision


https://medium.com/@order_group/the-best-prototyping-tools-8d7dc5c8ee27 Here’s a great list of the best prototyping tools worth checking out!


I would like to suggest UXPin, InVision, https://proto.io/, and this too https://designcode.io/sketch. Hope this will help.


I usually go for a combination of paper and ink, whiteboard and marker, Photoshop and Axure. The combination makes for a good flow from idea inception to review and sign-off. Run the user testing and then it’s off to the Application Developers to make the magic happen.


post-it notes for brainstorming+prioritization and user stories,
evernote to document the sudden sparks in your mind,
sketch for wireframe
sketch/adobe Ps.Ai for mockup
keynote for prototype


Have your finished writing your article?


Maybe you have already finished your article. But after a long time, here are some new UX tools appeared. Here are some UX tool lists for reference. Hope these tools listed in the lists could be useful for more people who are looking for answers.

The Best Mockup & Wireframing Design Tools & Apps for UI/UX Designers


Post-it notes
And of course, mind Mapping!