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Hey Friends,

I am currently working as a UX intern for a newer golf apparel company called Swannies. We Recently put out a survey asking for feedback on our website as well as insight into what people like to do/Wear. If you guys could take a few moments out of your day to take the survey and check out the site it would be great! I was told this forum ahs wonderful feedback! As a little bonus for completing the survey we are picking two people to receive a free hat, Shirt, and sandals as our Swannies makeover!


Done. :slight_smile:

[quote=“trace, post:1, topic:4327”]
we are picking two people to receive a free hat, Shirt, and sandals as our Swannies makeover!
[/quote] I’m curious about this. How? You don’t ask for any contact info. :wink:


Done as well.

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Oh my goodness! I think initially we assumed Surveymonkey would provide a way to contact people who filled the survey out, And then it just slipped our mind! I promise that it wasn’t a sleazy attempt at tricking people into taking the survey, We will figure out a way to collect contact info from respondents. Obviously We have you and anyone else who comments on this thread, But thank you for pointing that out, Big goof up on our part. Thanks for taking time to do the survey!

No stress – it didn’t feel like a trick, just an oversight.

And it’s not necessary from my perspective – I would have done it anyway. :slight_smile:


If you’re looking for a getting a large number of respondents, consider getting a Amazon Mechanical Turk account. You can pay small amounts ($.01) per survey and get lots of responses.

I know friends who use it to determine answers to disputed questions like which Rocky movie is best. They spend a couple bucks, get a lot of responses, and someone finally finds a justification from the crowd :slight_smile:

Additionally, there’s golfing enthusiast forums out there that might be worth hitting up, as I imagine that’s more of your target demographic, and you might be able to get some good responses there, too.


Thanks for the info Trey! We’ve posted to golf forums but haven’t seen much response from them sadly!

If you’re not getting a response, maybe you should consider your written copy for the posting.

Survey recruitment is just as much sales as anything else. You need to really put things in a client-focused way and make sure that the brand comes through as something they want to engage with.

My previous work with survey development and recruitment always made me feel like I was begging people to help me, but it was holding me back. When I was asking people to do surveys, I wasn’t selling the interest in why I was there and why it mattered.

If you’re selling someone a product, sure, they’re giving you money, but you want to focus on what you can do for them. In this case, you can make sure that the products are suitable for them, you can give them someone who connects with their interest, and they have a chance to get good quality merchandise in the process.

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The coupon code at the end is a nice touch. Might want to push that up front to get people to take it.

Done :+1: