UX strategy - What is it? What's in one?



I have been charged with the task of drafting a UX strategy for our organisation and am very unsure where to start.

Some background - I work for a large organisation that has a few different websites, all of which are managed by different teams. There is no web strategy for any of them. Actually, there is no dedicated resource to manage any of them. They all just kind of happen and are there. And, I would be safe to say that aside from when myself or my manager (who manages the design team) gets involved in a project, they all kind of forget about each other. (Yes, I am in a constant state of despair about this when I think about it).

While I feel that creating a content strategy is a bit like putting the horse before the cart, I need to come up with something… even though I am fairly sure there will never be a cart.

Does anyone have any tips? Any good places to start? Suggestions for what to include? Do I treat it as a guiding document for future web projects and ignore the lack of overarching direction? Do I use it to sneak in some direction (though I fear the lack of web backgrounds in the teams managing the sites means it will be ignored)?

Thanks in advance.

Yours in despair

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It’s hard, Gillian! I hear ya. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say a UX Strategy was a ‘thing’—it’s much more about the approach you choose to take, so yes it’s thick with overarching direction. If no one more senior is giving you this input, it still needs to happen. It may be evident in a couple of other expressions like the challenges you choose to tackle, the principles you uphold, your UX project plans, discussions in stakeholder meetings, the measurements you decide to judge against. All specific things, but ‘fuzzy’ in that they’re not an artefact or deliverable.

An excellent place to start is with Joe Natoli’s ebook Think First. It’s got all the good stuff: practical advice, examples, tools & approaches, videos, etc. If there was one thing you should check out, this would be it.

Another handy tool is the UX Strategy Blueprint—a quick and nifty canvas for structuring your big-picture thinking before delving into the deeper stuff (as covered by Joe’s book).


So wait, I’m a bit confused. Are we discussing a content strategy across the sites to ensure content matches up somewhat across domains, or a UX strategy as to the underlying approach to UX/UI across the sites? These are two different things with different approaches.


Hi Doug,
I think the latter - an underlying approach to UX/UI across the sites (content is a war I have been losing for a long time now). Even asking that question helps me in my focus, so thank you.


Thanks for the tips. I will definitely check out the book, and the blue print looks like a good starting point and check point as I find out more.


I would also recommend the book UX Strategy by Jaime Levy. Also, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate and things are crazy. :slight_smile: I would also recommend the book Managing Chaos by Lisa Welchman.

Hope that helps!


indeed a treasure for beginners :slight_smile:


Hey @gillian_halba!

I have something that might help (if it’s not too late!) - it’s a live stream on Facebook with two senior UX Designers who will be tackling the question of “What are the building blocks of a great UX strategy?” If you like I can put your questions to Dee and Jeff (the senior designers who will be on the live stream) for them to answer? If you’d like to join then it’s happening at 1pm ET on the 1st of December, over on the CareerFoundry FB page :slight_smile:



Thank you for that offer. Sorry I didn’t get back to you it has been a busy few weeks at work and I skim read your reply then forgot about it in the rush of work and life. I’ll watch the video and see what tips I can pick up. So far my strategy has been going very slow (largely ignored) due to a shifting priorities, so plenty of time!


No problem at all! If you have any questions after watching then just let me know - more than happy to help :slight_smile: