UX skills gap



Hi all

I’ve created a spreadsheet with a list of UX skills (see below). Aim is to complete and identify where my skill gaps are. I’ve focused on UX and not included people or project management skills.

Anything missing that I should add? Maybe there’s something not so obvious that’s come in useful.

Thanks in advance.


this might help you :slightly_smiling_face:


Perfect, thanks Leo


What a great idea! Nice work.


Perfect, thanks Leo


Something that I would say is particularly useful is a basic knowledge (or interest) in human psychology too


Thanks @jacquidow, yes it’s on the to-do-list. Can you recommend a good ‘human psychology for dummies’ type book? Simple as possible please!


I’d start with Susan Weinschenk’s “100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People”


I like the way you have sectioned them off. Is this a tempalte I could also use? I’m also narrowing down on my skill shortages.


Sure @ari_rahmati. Here’s a link to a read-only view of the spreadsheet: Skills template

I try and read 2 substantial articles or book chapters for each section. Also I can’t recommend Milanote enough to store notes, links or images online. Fantastic tool.

Let me know if you have any issues opening.


This is great. thank you so much!