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Hi All! I run Levels.fyi and we just launched a new section for Product Designer salaries. We already have over 100+ salaries at top companies in tech! Please lmk any feedback and please contribute to help us bring transparency to the workplace!


I have feedback. :slight_smile:

Levels is confusing – I have no idea what they are. How do I just search for all UX salaries?

Lol levels are basically the rank / seniority at a company. Ex. Manager, Senior Manager, Director, Vice-President, etc. Different companies call it different things. Ex. at Google a Manager internally may be an ‘L5’. To search all UX salaries see here:

Right, and that’s the issue. You need some kind of standardised system so that everyone knows what they mean.

Unfortunately that link contains no data.

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Interesting, I quite like it from the outset. But will have a deeper dive tonight.

That’s fair. We’ve actually gotten that feedback before but haven’t quite prioritized it yet. It’s on the to-do list though and this helped bump it up so thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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  1. I changed the rows to 100 and then changed job title to product manager, but the rows reset to 10.

  2. It’s pretty fast and perhaps not really data heavy, 10 is a pretty low default.

I selected product designer and then got a pop up so I left. Pop ups that distract from what the user is doing are very annoying. I would watch your stats around that area.

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