UX Rookie Seeking Portfolio Feedback

Hello UX Mastery Community,
I’m Candra and I would love to work in User Experience Design here in the city I love, Atlanta, GA.

My education background is in Psychology and the past 4 years I’ve been working in Human Resources.

I’ve just finished my portfolio and would love to get your feedback. Here is the link to view the site. You can provide feedback right on the site or here in this thread if you prefer. Either way, thanks for taking the time to help out this UX Rookie :slight_smile:



It’s cute! I like your quirky idea – it’s eye catching.
I’ve made comments on the site – I hope they got through (I got a modal when I tried to leave warning me that data might be lost…).

Best of luck!

@candramichelleg . Please invest 20-40 $ and upload your files at your own domain name like candramichelleg.com etc… it will make more power than wix

Makes a lot of sense - thank you!

HAWK, I got 4 comments from you and they were excellent. I’ve since made some changes.

You seemed you think my case studies were presented well and I’m glad for this. In your experienced opinion do you think these are strong enough to land me an entry level UX position or internship?

Thanks again!

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Hi Candra!

I also left comments on the site, and it told me when I was closing the tab that it might not save my comments. Since Hawk’s comments got through, I’m expecting mine did, too.

LOVED THE CONTENT! Loved the case studies and showing the artifacts and your thought-processes behind it. My biggest comment is to summarize and bullet-point more. People naturally want to scan, and with appropriate summaries, info hierarchies and bullet points, you can pique their interest and draw them into your paragraphs.

Also, I would take out the UX Rookie title - though that’s completely up to you. I know it goes with the baseball theme. With the work you showcased in your portfolio, you’ve done the work - you’re a UX designer. You may not have years of experience, but a recruiter will naturally see that - you don’t have to point it out to them. Here’s an article I read recently about that: http://blog.invisionapp.com/junior-designers/

GREAT JOB!! I wish you all the best! You’ve totally got this!!

Take care,

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I DID get your comments, thank you. It was great feedback and even greater news - I’m a UX Designer! Thanks for the article and encouraging words, I’m truly grateful and looking forward to incorporating your feedback to create an improved portfolio.



The content looks good to me, so I’ll just leave some thoughts on the design and implementation of the site.

  • You should check if the user has written something before showing a warning that it might be lost if they leave the page. I’d let it slide if you weren’t using this as a showcase of your UX skills.

  • The resumé is unreadable in the mobile view. It’s like reading on a postage stamp


  • On the Home Team page you get a weird parallax effect where the background peanut pattern is scrolling faster than the foreground.

  • The Brief UX Interview has the text directly on the peanut pattern. It is readable, but I find it distracting with a pattern behind the text.

  • “© 2023”? Wow, you live in the future! :slight_smile:

Hi Bleke,
Thanks for your feedback. It made me think and it made me laugh (I’m from the future :slight_smile:). Many of these things are most definitely in my control so I’ll be looking into them to see what I can do.

Look forward to hearing from others also. Thanks to feedback from @rsanepara I have my own domain now www.candragarrettuxdesign.com. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.


I see you’re still in the future. Please send the 2023 edition of a sports almanac! :wink:

The other issues seems to be resolved now.

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