UX research practice club

I’ve been thinking about starting a community for UXers early in their career to practice UX research methods together.

Even as a decently seasoned UX designer, I feel like my UX research game is lacking. Sure, I know a ton and have observed 50+ interviews and usability tests, but my actual practice running these activities is limited. I want to be an expert but how can I without experience… When I was picking up design sprints there came a point at which I needed to stop cramming my brain with knowledge and start doing. When I finally ran my first design sprint, I sure did learn a lot, really fast, and my confidence went way up. So I figure there are others out there like me that would like to take action and what better way than with the support of a community all working towards the same goals.

I see this community starting out simple with just a monthly theme, realistic challenge and support from each other. But as we grow this together it’s going to get so much bigger and better. I can envision bringing in guest experts, providing templates and script, dedicated mentoring groups, or even possibly connecting challenges to real clients.

If this sounds interesting, I’d like to invite you to join me as a founding member of UX Practice Club (That’s what I’m thinking of calling it). As a founding member you’ll be integral to shaping the direction of the community, getting my more focused mentoring support and the lowest price this group will ever be.

Ready to learning by doing supported by a community of peers? Then send a quick email to uxpracticeclub@gmail.com with your first name and. If we get enough people by April 24, I’ll setup a community platform (not Facebook) and send everybody the next steps.


Welcome to the community @wellsbro5!

What a lovely idea! :grinning: