UX research course


Hi everyone,

I am looking for good UX research courses/workshops in Sydney.
I prefer in-class courses to online ones.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
I really appreciate it.



General Assembly in Sydney do UX courses. I haven’t experienced them personally.

@Lukcha may have other suggestions.


Hi @info17,


Me too! I did some of their team training courses through a previous workplace about 18 months ago and loved it! I’m in Canberra but I did travel to Sydney for those.


Thanks guys.
Very helpful…
I took a UX design class at General Assembly three years ago.
My focus right now is UX research. I went to a meet-up about design research at Academy Xi the other day. It was pretty good. I am also looking for a good mentor.


Did you know that we have a program in our Slack channel that matches people up with mentors on a monthly basis?

Head over to our Slack channel, https://uxmastery.slack.com/, and check the announcements channel. There’s a link in there to this coming month’s channel.


+1 to this. I’ve done a lot of work with Peak XD and their 3 day course is really solid. I’m with you on GA - I’ve not had good luck with their graduates so I’m a little biased.


Oh sounds good, Piper. Do I need an invitation to login the Slack channel?


Just head over to http://slack.uxmastery.com/ and you’ll be able to request an invite. Let me know if you have any troubles.