UX Research Course - Need Feedback

Hi guys,
I am working on creating a UX Research Fundamentals course on Udemy and need your help.
Here’s the thing.

Since this is the first time I have ever attempted to do a training course, I have decided to do my own UX research in order to create a great “UX research course” :slight_smile:
I am running a small user survey for the intro video of the course. I will be split testing different narrations and based on collected feedback will further optimize it.

Also, as a small thank you, I will be giving away 100% discount coupons to all test participants for this course, as soon as it is live.

You can read more about this experiment on my blog: http://armenghazarian.com/user-experience-research-course-coming-up-on-udemy/

And if you have a few minutes, I would highly appreciate Your feedback.

Very cool! I’ve done your survey. Best of luck with the course.

Done and retweeted! Goodluck :slight_smile:

I did this at an airport, and so the wireless is a little flaky. I didn’t get a confirmation of submission, so I’m wondering whether it went through or not? If not let me know and I will re-do it :).