UX Research after functional requirements


I’m working as a UX Specialist and need to plan/build the processes involving UX. Perhaps any tips on the following:

If functional requirements are already determined and project costs are estimated based on the requirements, what if in the user persona research, competitor analysis or user journey mapping, you find out that some additional functionality is needed? Would you go back and add it to the requirements? Then do the estimation again, then get the approval from client?

Welcome to the community @Anira!

Ideally, you should do all the research before the functional requirements are created. What were those requirements based on? They should be based on your target audience’s needs.

If you do the research after then yes, you’ll need to update the requirements and the cost of the project will change.

Doing the functional requirements first and then doing research costs more time, money, and resources. It also leads to a higher likelihood the project will fail.

Hope that helps!