UX Recruiters Help!


Can anybody recommend and recruiters/recruiting agencies that are looking for junior UXers. I don’t know if recruiters tend to be geographically specific, but I’m in the NJ/Philadelphia area if that helps. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Erin McCool


I think you need to look out on jobs portal websites.



if by job portal websites you mean indeed, dice, careerbuilder etc. im on
them all and some niche ones. my question was more directed toward wether
anyone here was working with a recruiter/recruiting firm that they’d
recommend and i’d reach out to them directly.




I’m in Denver, so I’m not sure I can be too much of a help.

However, I’ve had more luck with recruiters approaching me than the other way around. Have you done anything like starting a LinkedIn account, posting your resume to job boards, or going to any local networking events to start getting your name and resume out there?


yup on linkedin and all that. And yes recruiters have called me too, so you are right about that. Thanks for the help! Denver must be a good area for this type of work


Hello All,
I am Anveshi Joshi a graduate from UNC Charlotte in IT major and Human Computer Interaction as my concentration. I am looking for UX jobs since a very long time. I have been regularly applying for UX designer, UX researcher, Interactive designer etc UX related positions on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Just UXJobs and several other sites. I have joined Slack groups and I go to Meetups.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me with anything they are aware of?


Hi Anveshi – sounds frustrating. :frowning:

What kind of feedback are you getting from your interviews etc?


My all feedback said that they need more experienced person. I have an experience of about 3 years, which includes 2 years in India as a BA and UX designer role and 8 months of ux designer position at UNCC.

You can view my portfolio: http://joshianveshi.wix.com/portfolio and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/AnveshiJoshi.

Feel free to give feedback.


hi anveshi,

i’m in the same boat , though my degree is different than yours. The
feedback I am getting from recruiters and the creative firm that
interviewed me was that i don’t have enough experience and junior ux jobs
are very rare in my area and even the junior ux job i had a phone interview
for said i didnt have enough experience they wabted 3 years. are you
getting the same feedback? or something different? Hawk, any advice on how
to overcome “we need experience with no experience”. People always say
freelance, but I’ve applied to freelance roles to no response and was on
fiverr.com offering my freelance services, but got no response. none. so
any ideas other than freelancing?

You arent alone Anveshi it is frustratibg.


Erin McCool


I don’t really. It’s not my area of expertise.

I have good news though – I’m just in the process of organising an Ask the UXperts session with a UX recruiter. It will be on Sept 6th. He’d be the perfect person to ask.

I’ll update you with further details as soon as I get the announcement written.


Hi Erin,
Another reason why I am not considered is that I am on OPT-EAD visa and companies do not sponsor visa for candidates like me.

Hawk, I appreciate you help. But can you do us a favor?
Can you connect us with UX recruiters so that we skim every person in contact about any job opportunity they have.


I only know the one mentioned above. :slight_smile: Join the session and he may be able to intro you to others.


great! i’ll definitely attend.


I will definitely attend. How do we join sessions?(just for knowledge)


Grab an invitation to our Slack channel at slack.uxmastery.com