UX Psychology

Hi all,

Got all the weekly emails but haven’t signed in for a while on the forum. Happy to be back! How are you all doing during these COVID times?

I’m currently doing research since I’m creating a tool (search engine) focused on psychology useable for UX and conversion rate optimization. In order to do so, I’ve got some questions and maybe the community has the answers.


  1. How many of you are aware of the impact of cognitive biases (psychology) on UX?
  2. Do you use psychology during your UX research?
  3. Are you using psychology for wireframes and designs?
  4. If you do A/B testing, do you include psychology in your hypothesis?
  5. If you have experience in psychology, what are the cognitive biases, gestalt principles etc. you find most useful and which you use most often?
  6. Would you like to give feedback on my tool? Would be appreciated a lot!

Looking forward to your responses!

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Hi there.

I have a background in psychology & English. I’m currently learning UX through an online bootcamp. I find these questions & the search engine you are developing really intriguing. I don’t know that I have great answers to your questions (particularly because I’m still in school). I would be very interested in giving you feedback on your tool if that would be useful for you. I’d also like to hear how others have answered these questions.

Good luck with this project!

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Sounds great! Let’s get in touch, I’ll send you a PM