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Hi Guyz,
The CEO has asked me to give him a small UX presentation on my thought process and what is that I’m planning to change with respect to the old application.
For your information, the old existing application is used by a lot of clients and right now there is no scope to strip or tweak any existing functionality.
I was thinking of focusing on the positioning of certain elements in terms of buttons, forms, popups etc.

Can anyone suggest me any ideas on how to?

Thanks so much,

Hi Roland,
What is the motivation behind the changes to the app? A general UI refresh or to solve a specific challenge?

As far as the presentation itself goes, this topic might offer some ideas.

Hi Hawk,
It is a general UI refresh.
Need to impress the boss :slight_smile:

Ok, cool. So is your question around the best way to present your work?

That’s correct. It is the presentation that will be the deciding factor for him to take the UX approach going forward.
I have done a few wireframes as well to highlight the inconsistencies in the current platform.

I wouldn’t rush to show wireframes for several reasons. Firstly you need to sell your CEO on the value of the UX PROCESS, including research. If you show him or her wireframes upfront, now, without any documented research to back it up it - it goes against the entire point. Yes, you probably already have a sense of what several of the issues are - but remember YOU are not the user. Why should the company invest in UX? - what is the benefit to the business? How long will it take? What steps will YOU be following? How will you be working with IT and other departments? Will you be using a Lean UX methodology? that kind of thing -


Talk them through the story of your thought process!

Don’t just talk about where you put the buttons etc- tell a story and take them along the journey (hate that word but couldn’t think of a better one) you just went on.

Agree with @SteveCrow 's points about the wireframes. Not only does it go against the point but also runs the risk of being distracting. Showing people wireframes or visual designs too soon can lead to them fixating on visual details (like shapes and colours) and miss the value of the overall process.

You could show the wireframes AFTER you’ve told the story of your process if they really do need to see them. That could be a good compromise.


Thanks Steve! Appreciate your ideas.

Thanks Ashlea for the response. Will try and use the approach you suggested.

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Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

You’ve got this :smiley:

Sure will let you know. Also will share my feedback after the presentation :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your support!!!
The presentation went very well. Since it is a UI refresh, I highlighted some of the inconsistencies in the current platform and discussed the rationale behind every change.
Also he was happy to see some low fidelity wireframes which I presented. I also spoke about the past projects, the problems that we faced and the approach that was taken.
All good for now. @AshleaMcKay, @HAWK and @SteveCrow, Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing your valuable ideas. Appreciate it!!!


Yay! I’m glad to hear it went well! :grinning: