UX Portfolio review



Hi everybody, after reading the UX Mastery newsletter for a while now, I finally decided to register for the community as well. I am Glenn, a UX Designer from Belgium, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have a few years of experience in the industry already, having worked for a few companies. Also, by means of introduction, I want to share my portfolio, hoping that you could have a look, and provide me with any feedback you might have. I’ll happily return the favour!

My portfolio is: http://www.conzept.be

Thanks a lot, and nice to meet you!


Hi @glenn – sorry for the late response! It’s been a busy time. I’ve just sat down now to check out your portfolio. It’s fantastic. TBH I don’t have a whole lot of feedback, but here are a few points.

  • I love the opening statement. It is the right balance of interesting/personal and informative.
  • Your design and layout are great. Rather than trying to be too clever, you follow a blog format that we’re all familiar with.
  • Your ABOUT bookmark isn’t working
  • The copy is a bit hard to read on this page where it’s overlaid on the image. I’d consider darkening the image.
  • I love the clear way that you’ve documented your process, including imagery and careful annotation.

Overall, this is brilliant. It’s clear, very functional, and it does a great job of communicating your range of skills. Nice one.