UX portfolio from scratch




This is my first topic on this site. Two months ago I finished my studies, earned a bachelor 's degree in multimedia technology. I was always attracted to the websites, app 's (created some websites, have basic programming skills).

I decided to become a UX designer / architect. Since I do not have a portfolio, I wanted to ask you friends how to create a portfolio from 0, what’s the most important thing? I do not have any customers.

I appreciate every reply and hope to become an active member of this community and help others in any way I can.

Have a great day!


Do you have a portfolio of material from your degree studies? I would start by working with what you already have from your degree, there’s a few years worth of work in there.

It could also be worth doing a post mortem on your degree projects maybe even going back to the early ones as a way of reviewing how far you have coome from that point in time and present your findings with some UX deliverables.

I still lug atround a big A2 sized portfolio to interviews and get some surprised looks from potential employers. I’m not sure many other people do that but I find it a great way to present my career story.


Welcome @gvidasliausas

Let’s call in @Louise – she is doing an AMA session with us on this very topic next month, but I’m sure she’ll share some insights with you before that.

Also have a read through some of the posts under the portfolio tag. Some great advice has been shared on this topic in the past.