UX Pets!


It seems to me that there are a lot of animal lovers out there! Lets meet all those UX pets!!

I’d like to start by introducing my little furbaby - Dr Leo Spaceman!

He’s a 4 year old westie , who loves nothing more than a nice long walk in the country, rolling in some poop!, and being spoiled rotten by the whole family! His best friend is a Welsh Terrier called Rusty, who he loves to wind up!

Can’t wait to see all those cute UX pets out there!


Love love love this topic. Thanks for starting it @jacquidow! Here are mine.
Dr John Hawk and Furry. They are both seal Burmese males – the most hilarious dog-like-cats ever.


OMG I love this!!

I’ll post pictures of Wednesday and Juno when I get home! :grinning:


As promised!

Me with Wednesday

Compact kitty!!!

Juno!!! She lives in my backyard!

This is Eesha - my Wellington Zoo based UX pet (a 15 year old red panda)


Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you Renno del Tricolle AKA UX boxer :slight_smile:

Here he’s reviewing some fancy interactions

Here he’s thinking “out of the box”


I can’t believe you have an actual Red Panda! That’s amazing!

Is Juno a Possum?


Yes Juno is a possum :slight_smile:

Hahah about Eesha - I don’t think Wellington Zoo is going to part with him anytime soon!!


I love that your pets are also Doctors!

In the past I have had:

  • Dr Gregory House MD hamster extraordinaire - he escaped twice, first time found his way into a large bag of crisps where he ate himself into a food coma, ready to be rescued come morning! Second time he lived under the floorboards for 3 weeks, but eventually came out once he was suitably hungry and mummy was very worried!

  • Dr Pepper cannibalistic gerbil - had a hard life, broke both his back legs in a freak tubing accident 2 weeks after we got him, survived and lived for another 3 years, before he unfortunatley took a slightly disturbing turn and decided to consume his brother (the rather ironically named) Dr Hannibal! Shortly after this unfortunate turn there was a rather scary incident where Dr Leo Spaceman ‘helped’ Dr pepper to escape out of his ball and carried him across the room… luckily Dr Pepper bit back and was soon released with no damage!

  • Dr Hannibal Lecter the appropriately named gerbil - Not the most friendly of gerbils, he liked to nibble! As mentioned above, he had a rather sad and gruesome demise, which nobody expected.

  • Dr Leo Spaceman my furbaby - as mentioned above, my spoilt rotten westie!!


That’s awesome!

There was an incident in a UK zoo a few years ago, where a kid smuggled a penguin out of a zoo in his backpack… just saying! :laughing:


I would totally do that if I could!!


I love this channel!

All the pets on here are lovely :blush:
Here is my lovely Lily. We rescued her from a rough past and I love her to bits (didn’t get to choose her name though :stuck_out_tongue: ) My first ever dog, and she can be a bit of a ratbag. She’s a staffordshire bull terrier cross


Aww I love how cute she looks all wrapped in her blanket!!

I ‘swaddled’ Leo once!! He wasn’t such a fan of being a baby!


I love animals and this thread. Such awesome pets :grinning:


They’re pj’s >< (I know I’m one of those people). It gets quite cold here in Christchurch, and she’s originally from the top of the north island so wasn’t used to the cold. She kept wanting to come sleep in bed with us :stuck_out_tongue:


Leo is the same - hates the cold! He’ll sit there shivering to make us feel guilty!


so cute!!!


Kris snapped this one of our little monster flashing her teeth and rolling around in clean towels fresh off the line a few days ago


Hey there. Check out my fur family.


Has that one on the left got clothes on? Don’t the others like clothes?


Aww you have a huge furfamily!! I loove how different they all are :grin: