UX pattern for Activate/Deactivate in a table grid/row



This is for a web saas platform UX.

Currently, it is merely a blue link under the option that is not in current state.
I think this goes against, or unnecessarily extends, the ux pattern of a blue underline as a page link.

Problem Solving Fun:
The user is story is the capability to activate or deactivate a status within a row of a table.
Each row will have this functionality present.
This row has the summary info of the instance.

What I’m thinking… where I would enjoy some insight from the community:
Im leaning toward is employing a switch aka toggle, emulating mobile patterns, but wonder if any other friendly options for this are out there that I should prototype.

With switches there is always the issue of clearly making the current state obvious and the alternative “inviting”.
(We’ve all seen this fail out there in the mobile pattern world.)



So far, a rectangular toggle/switch is winning.
Mostly, due to the on/off nature of the action.
I considered checkbox, but that is more in the pattern of recognizing “completion” vs selecting between two very different states.


Hi @wownflutter – are you able to share a link or screenshots so that we can get a better idea of the context?

Thanks. :slight_smile: