UX New Zealand 2015 - Who's going?!



I have just finished booking my flights and accomodation for UX New Zealand and was wondering who else is going?! This will not only be my first overseas conference but also my first overseas trip! I’m so excited!


Holy moly, that’s awesome Ash. Glad we’ll be hosting you for the auspicious occasion! Will you get to do any travel outside of Wgtn?


Maybe :slight_smile: I’m still planning- there’s a lot to see and do!


Let me know if you do. I might be able to catch up somewhere and I’ll buy you a beer (or a coffee).


I was really wanting to come, but I couldn’t fund it myself at the moment, and couldn’t get it through work and have the time off as well over that period :(.
Hope you enjoy NZ though Ash! and let me know if you come down to the South Island :wink:


Aww that’s a shame :frowning: I’m sure we’ll run into each other some other time :slight_smile: I’ll let you know! I found out there’s a zoo in Wellington that has close encounter tours with RED PANDAS! I’m so excited to be booked in to pat and feed cat-bear creatures- they are one of my favourite animals!


It was officially announced today that I am giving a ten minute talk at UX New Zealand next month! I’m so unbelievably excited!
Are any of our new community members going? I’d love to meet you!


That’s awesome Ash! Well done.
I’ll tweet to see who’s going.


Hi Guys,
Looks like a great line up of speakers at UX NZ, good luck Ash with you talk.
If there are any video link available during or after please post.


Photos are up!! :slight_smile:


Yay Ash. Good to hear from you – I was starting to worry! :wink:


Hahah currently buried under end of year deadlines :eek:

I’m on leave for the year in just under 2 hours from now and I can finally see the light :slight_smile:


UXNZ video!!

This video is awesome- it’s short and it really captures the UXNZ conference experience in a nutshell :slight_smile:

and I’m in it hahahhahaha:


Great video! What a cool idea. Thanks for sharing Ash.