UX mini talk ideas

My team takes turns to do weekly mini-talks about things we’ve learnt recently. My turn is coming up in a week or two and I have no ideas. I’ve been busy focusing on my project which I don’t particularly want to talk about at this stage.

Any ideas?

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Is there a way to extrapolate sth from your current project and make them into some more general learnings, difficulties that you can share while not talking specifically about the project itself?

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How big is your team? We also do the same on a bi-weekly basis.

4 UX designers including me, 1 UX strategist and 3 UI designers.

This seems like a very fun idea! The UX in the enterprise I work right now is still in its infancy, and I only have another UX-designer I communicate with. Maybe it would be interesting to try to get some others on board who work with me in close proximity, so they understand what I am doing. I’ll talk about it with my coworkers, maybe we can get other professionals on board for a talk where everyone has the ability to give a little talk about something interesting they have encountered.