UX method not sure what to use!

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I am a bit confused and need guidance. I am planning to design an app for a climate change as a personal project, but I am not sure what UX method to use.

  1. I thought about “dairy study” however, not sure if I can create persona from the data that I will collect.

  2. will online survey questions be enough to create a persona out of their response ?

any answer will be appreciated.

I am fairly inexperienced with UX design so take what I say with a grain of salt.

When you say you’re not sure what UX method to use I am not sure what you mean by that. Could you elaborate on that more? UX design uses the design process to help you ideate, research, then design a potential product.

From your other two questions it seems like you are focused on being able to create a proper persona. In my opinion I don’t think every design necessarily needs a persona. The goal behind the persona is to get into the mindset of what the end user/target user would be like and what they need. The first steps should be focused on doing research on the idea and interviews to get more in depth data. Surveys could also be another method to gather data.

I think your first goal should be to get an idea of what the market is like and if an opportunities exists through research. After doing research you should be able to create personas of who you think the audiences are. If they aren’t correct then you might find that out later and have to adjust it.


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Agree with Jhs. You need to figure out what your goal is in order to determine what method you should use.


I would start with a problem statement, figure out what that is.

If you still dont know, you can do some general interviews about the topic of climate change to possibly get ideas, but it could waste time or money, unless you have the problem defined.

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Yes, if you plan on targeting specific personas, then an online survey would be helpful for you.

First of all, user research can be done at any stage of the design process. It is just a matter of figuring out the things required to make that a reality, or you can get expert UX design assistance to make your way easier.
This article will help you gain some insight-
UX Research Methods Practiced By Design Leaders

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Check this website! I think this will help you which UX method you should use! :slight_smile:

There’s lots of free tutorials on youtube, diveinto.global offer a good well-rounded course, udemy is also worth checking out.