UX Meetups – find one in your area


Some of my most valuable learning is done at conferences and meet ups. Talking with other people and bouncing around ideas is gold. I thought it might be good to list any meet-ups or events that people know of or host so that others might join if they live in the vicinity.

If you know of a design or UX meet-up in your area, please list the details here.

Note: this topic is inspired by a comment that @jaisonjustus made in response to @CareerchgUX in this topic.

Information that will change our lives. ;)

Bristol UK – Ladies That UX


I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I went to my first UX meetup called Experience Makers a few days ago and it was great!
Here is the link:


I’d love to know if there are any UX meetups in the Midlands, Leicestershire or Nottinghamshire, UK.


I’ll put the question out on Twitter and see what we turn up.


Probably a long shot – South Florida area? (West Palm Beach, Broward County…)


Tweeting… hold the phone, caller. :slight_smile:


Here you go @Jeremy
IxDA in Miami. Their next meetup is on the 23rd.