UX: Media and publishing


Hello there. I have a question for the community. Does anyone have any experience in the role of a UX designer working in the media (Newspapers, magazines, book publishing) and the like?


@efrencast Do you mean physical media or digital? I have a friend that works at Wired on the digital platform…


Oh that’s super interesting @jdebari. I would say both: physical and media. I come from a graphic design background (designing magazines and catalogs) and would like more info on how to use the skills I’m currently learning (At Bloc, UX, UI) towards that field.


So she works on stuff like the registration forms for people to subscribe to both the online and print editions of the magazines. Or the paywall interaction (where you start reading for free and then have to pay to read more). I know some of the other designers there work on how the articles are laid out on the webpage, both desktop and mobile.

Does that help?