UX Mastery World Tour


For anyone who lives in in the Philippines, there are still tickets left for the two days of workshops that Luke and I are running in Manila in late July.

The workshop is “Introduction to UX Design” and it’s a full day of activities that give you a taste of the entire UX process—techniques that you can use in the Research, Analysis and Design stages of a product lifecycle.

We’ve run this course a few times now and received great feedback, so we’re excited about taking it on the road (we’re teaching it in Malaysia next week too, but that event is sold out).

Full details here: http://uxmastery.com/training


Hi Matt, As you write world tour in your headline, will you also have events in europe or do you just plan for countiries near your company base in Australia? Best regards Georg


I believe their plan is to go to as many places as they possibly can, but there has to be a demand in also to make it financially viable. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a need for community management on the tour. Hardly seems fair. :wink:


Hi Georg

Our plans for world domination definitely include Europe, the Americas, Africa and Antarctica. But baby steps.

Yes, perhaps “world tour” is an exaggeration. To be honest, the guys in Manila and KL reached out to us, so that’s how it first came about. But we’ll use the experience as a model for future trips that are further afield, for sure. :slight_smile:

Hawk we’d love to take a community manager on future tours. I might get in trouble if I didn’t first make room for a managing editor though… :wink:


Yes you would, Matty McG, yes you would.


Well we made it back alive!

I’ve posted some photos and thoughts on the first part of Luke and my recent trip to South East Asia, where we taught our “Introduction to User Experience” workshop to nearly 300 people.

Needless to say, we had an absolutely incredible time!

Read my travel diary (Part 1: Malaysia). Part 2 is coming soon.


And here’s Part 2: The Philippines, for your reading pleasure.