UX Jobs Boards

Here is a list of some popular jobs boards focussing on UX roles.

If you know of others, please feel free to reply to the topic and add them.

UX Jobs Board
Just UX Jobs
UX switch
UX Magazine


Nice, I was hoping there were more out there than I had originally found. I normally find myself on WeWorkRemotely or Working Nomads since I want to end up in a remote position but this list is awesome.

Thanks Hawk!

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@HAWK Would it be worth this list being compiled into an article and also splitting into where they are most relevant (UK, USA, Aus etc etc) I know that job hunting in different countries can be a very different experience.

Also, if anyone has a particularly good/bad experience with particular agencies that may be worth adding?


Well, maybe I can post some links from Brazil, since I am from here. But still, I can only talk about Rio de Janeiro. Maybe in São Paulo or Rio de Grande do Sul or other states other links are more relevant.
I will gather some links and post them here.


Potentially, yes! Calling @natassja


Great idea! @jdebari @jacquidow and @CoolMike90 would you be interested in contributing to an article? It would be great to get a couple of sentences on each. If you’re keen, let me know and I’ll send more details via email :slight_smile:

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Count me in!

I’ve done so much research on job boards because it’s my main driver of encouragement while studying to see the jobs out there.


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I’d love to help, although not sure how much help I can be as I haven’t done much research on the matter. Our company has some agencies that we use for ANY jobs here but I woulnd’t know if they were partilcarly good/bad to deal with. Drop me a message if you think I’ll be helpful.


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Sorry It took so long.
One of the sites I used, is now offline (Na Labuta). The other one is https://trampos.co/. it is up and running.

I found also:

Recruiters are using also Facebook Groups and Linkedin.

None are specific for UX, though…

Bye, from Brazil. :slight_smile:


Hi Hawk Happy New Year:
are we able to post jobs on this site as well?

  • Ash

Hi there, I just wanted to share a great opportunity with you: We have an exciting open innovation challenge in the field of UX – anyone interested?

My name is Johanna and I work at ekipa, an initiator for open innovation challenges. We are currently leading the “SAP’s Mobile Experience” project because SAP is opening its innovation process and is looking for innovative existing or new ideas to rethink and design its intelligent enterprise applications. The aim is to create the most innovative and mobile user experience possible.

SAP is looking for innovative minds with diverse backgrounds: Whether students, startups, coders or UX agencies and designer - anyone interested can register on our platform - alone or as a team. You also have the option to find team members.

Interested? Just message me and I can give you further information!
Have a look on the ekipa plaftorm > SAP