UX issues of my website



Hello UX peoplels.

I am going to open NGO.

Do any one have suggestion to drive more subscriber to my landing page. ?

you can check current ux of landing page at Honour

Give your suggestion to improve ux for better no of subscriber.



Your site is unusable on the default Android browser.

The subscribe thingie can’t be closed and imagine that the background is flickering between purple and green.


Thanks @Bleke I will update and remove popup in few minute.
Thanks for your suggesiton. it really missing thing that i miss. I need to add few more code in mobile view.
Thanks a lot friend.


Now it is readable. There is a light green highlight around since of the items that made me think they were clickable, but they weren’t. “Organ donation” for example.

The YouTube link seems to be broken.

Looks like a nice initiative. Where is the money for the cash rewards coming from?


@Bleke :
Thanks for suggestion.

Video link is under construction. My Video editor is not working quickly as other.
Yes, You are right about green highlight looks click-able. User will able to click when sub pages will be created. content for these category will be written by writer. content is not completed yet.
Cash reward algorithm work from backed. Its ultimate system. I can not share this info at this time. but it will be online in march 2017 in detail on our website.

Stay in touch. :slight_smile: