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I am sold on her right now already because I’ve only talked to her for around 30 minutes about her experience (which she doesn’t have) and asked few simple questions. It was a phone conversation. And I know for a fact that the impressions people make over the phone tend to change when we speak face to face. I would never make a decision based solely on a phone conversation. Thats’ one thing. Another is… I was really counting to hire somebody with some experience (unfortunately, these people have failed me a lot) and she has none. She’s all about potential.
But being junior at the company I work for means being independent, being able to defend your ideas when developers tell us something is undoable, being able to take business requirements and usere requirements and make something that will make both sides happy.


No, I said she wasn’t able to solve them because she doesn’t have experience. She’s junior after all. You cannot expect junior people to be able to solve all problems you have at a senior level. It takes a certain pattern of thinking which she never had a chance to learn. That’s natural. What I see in her is her potential.

And that’s why I turned to you for a couple of tips. Which competencies should I check during the interview, what should I pay attention to, what kind of exercices could I give her to check those competences.

I asked just for that and in exchange I got speculations about the sense of hiring junior people, etc.


Sorry you didn’t find my reply helpful. I’ve deleted it.


I think an in-person white board challenge to see what kinds of questions she asks, how she sets up the problem, and how she works with others.

You’ve obviously seen potential. If it’s not clear in her portfolio, ask her specifics about the projects in her portfolio. Ask her about what kind of mentorship she is looking for to make sure it meshes with your style.


The following article is gold! Lots of useful nuggets about interviewing and evaluating candidates. From an interviewer at Dropbox