UX in a Startup company



Hello everyone,

I noticed there is no dedicated thread to practicing UX in a startup company. And I believe this is the most challenging and unpredictable piece of UX. I would be very grateful if you post your stories here, what were your challenges at the beginning, what were the “fuckups”, what was a success. How did you achieve whatever you achieved. Did you use any methodologies? What was basically helpful to you while working for a startup. What was the copany building?

I’m working at a SaaS startup company since almost 5 months. And this journey was and still is a rollercoaster ride. Whatever I knew about UX, whatever I could read about UX turned out to be either not true, or not entirely working. I had to adopt a new approach, forget some things, learn other stuff. I am learning constantly and if there are people like me, they might also benefit from this thread and the knowledge you’ll share.



I can’t speak to working UX for a startup - my only startup experience was as a Team Lead where I did everything from UX to systems engineering to development.

I will say, though, that the feeling of expectations of what a UX job will be versus the reality of what it actually is very common in our industry. It’s great to talk about theory, but putting it into practice is much more difficult in real-world environments.


I work in a hybrid UX/product design role in a SaaS startup (we’re ~4 years old).
We design this product (the one you’re currently using).

The thing that I find the most frustrating is the amount of time it takes to see my work come to fruition. We have a team of 15 devs working full time but we tend to prioritise feature requests, bug fixes and infrastructure issues for hosted customers (our product is 100% OS) so some of my ‘big projects’ sit for months before anyone gets to them.

I combat that by taking on a mix of ‘big’ projects and small fixes which tend to find their way into core much more quickly.