UX from a Software Perspective, not individual Websites? How do I make a career in UX outside my main 9-5 job, Websites?PPC, Adsense, Affiliate marketing etc

Ive been thinking about using my 20 years in software to produce some digital products.

First thing I need to get my head around, when most of you think of UX design, you are thinking of websites right?

This is where I have clashed in the past as I come from designing million dollar systems. UX design is part of system design or business analysis, its NOT a seperate career in the IT fiield generally, however it is growing and I see it on seek, looking for Business Analysts with UX design skills. Ballsamiq prototyping, producing RAD project management fast iterations, like Agile but without the need for stupid naming conventions haha.

Anyway, Im wanting to produce Ebooks, blogs, possibly youtube channels and UX based products.

What can I sell? What is it you all are mostly selling, individual UX designed Websites?

So of course I want to include he 3 main sources of marketing income.

Has anybody else produced good results?

UX isn’t a tangible end product that you can sell on a marketplace, it sounds like you’re confusing UX with wireframing/prototyping. In my view, UX is all about the discovery and definition of user motivations/pain points and this involves a lot of user research and analysis. It’s the time and effort before a box in a wireframe is even drawn. And then it’s the effort in iterating over designs based on user feedback. This can apply to both websites or systems/products.

In terms of what to sell, it’s tough. There’s training videos, books about how to get better at the different phases of UX, consultancy… maybe tools, but there are many established players already here.

It sounds like it’s the terminology that is confusing you? What you describe here sounds like a web design template? These tend to be designed with UI/usability best practices in mind, but until they involve actual users, it’s not UX

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