UX for VBS or 1 week special event


Have opportunity to work with a VBS vacation Bible school.progam. Having hard time finding any relevant resources. Want to know how any of you would UX a one week event with 600 kids 200 volunteers. They will be in groups of 5 going to different activities on-site throughout the day. Do I focus in on a small area or do an overview of whole thing. One person mentioned surveys, affinity mapping and personas. If anyone has any ideas on clarifying or who knows of another project I could learn from please let me know. Thanks.


Sounds interesting! I don’t have words of wisdom but I’d love to know what you come up with.


I agree, this does sound interesting, but I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean @briandegrandchamp

What is the desired outcome of the project?


I guess that has been why it has been hard for people to answer, since I haven’t asked a specific question. I learn by doing so just figured the VBS event would be a good project. Personally I want to practice some UX processes. Your question makes me realize, maybe I need to ask the director about things she would like addressed, improved or understood. I didn’t want to make a huge affair out of this in case I didn’t pull it off. But is that the first step to find out her pain points.


Or maybe ask people that have been in the past (i.e. audience) to see what pain points they had.


Good idea , thanks for the feedback.