UX for entering in bank checks?


I’m designing an experience for a commissions department. They have to enter in a lot of checks. Does anyone have ideas on how to make this as easy as possible?


Hi Ann, Welcome to the UX Mastery Community!

I think we’re going to need a little more information in order to provide you with some useful feedback :slight_smile:

Can you share a little about the background of this work? eg how did it come about?
Can you tell us some more about the existing process that they have to follow?
What is the current experience like?
Where/what are the pain points for the user?
Have you talked to users yet? And if so, what did you get out of it?
Do you have any specific ideas that we might be able to give feedback on?


What she said :slight_smile: Happy to help, but give us a bit more to work with. :smiley: